Why KRAVolution UK was set up

Why KRAVolution UK was set up

The standard of Krav Maga through the big organisations has plummeted to an all-time low. It has become a laughing stock when it was once regarded as a brutal self-protection tool. In fairness the key aspects and techniques haven’t changed much but the way it is taught and the understanding of it has been lost. It used to be about having a combative mindset and not defending but attacking the attack. Not being overly bothered about technique but more about the mindset to not stop until the job was done and you got out of the situation as fast as possible.

It seems in the Uk the main concern now is about technique and pointless drills. The concept of being a fighter has diminished and the strong push of working overly complicated techniques has emerged on top.


Because more techniques equals more money. Simple. But while it’s become overly technical it’s also become weak and watered down. The skill level of instructors has dropped because they have been pushed onto the instructor courses too early and with no skill level or muscle memory there to be competent and in return, they then put instructors on a year later and it becomes a big recipe for disaster.

The big organisations will not let you train with other organisations it’s there way or the high way, when in reality you should train with as many different people as you can. You can learn something from everyone and in return you will become a better instructor and have better students. Anyone who won’t let you train with others must be fearful of what they have to offer, but you’re a free agent and can do as you wish. We advocate that you train with as many different sources as possible.

Our mission at kravolution Uk is to bring back Krav Maga to the old way. Brutal, simple, fun. We aren’t concerned with techniques; our testing is done on principles. If a student got out of a situation how can you fail them because their left little finger was 36 degrees to the left instead of 37 😂 it’s ludicrous and breeds non-combative robots. And in all fairness mindset will beat technique in a fight all day long. If you don’t have the combative mindset and understanding of violence (which most don’t these days) you are doomed for failure.

We MUST make the changes needed to return Krav Maga to its glory before all is lost and it becomes another watered down mcdojo martial art.

If you are an instructor, you owe it to your students and yourself to change. They are entrusting you with hard earned money and time for you to teach them to protect themselves and their loved ones. If you are not doing this to your fullest by being held back, then you need to make the decision to leave.

Don’t let ego get in the way truth.

We’re here to put the combatives back into Krav Maga without all the rules and bs.

Will you join our movement?

Or add to the demise of Uk Krav Maga?