Krav Maga in Mansfield, Nottingham and the East Midlands

Krav Maga was created out of necessity

Since its inception Krav Maga was created out of necessity: finding a solution for the physical violence problem. Built on natural reactions, it follows very clear principles which are powered by the fighter within.

It’s that simple: here at KRAVolution we want our members to be the best fighters they can become. We focus on the principles they need to confront violent scenarios. We also help them develop the aggression required to win the fight, because at the end of the day it’s the only way realistic self-defense can work. Let’s be clear: we are developing fighters who are master tacticians, not technicians that fight.

Brutal, Simple, Fun

Our mission at kravolution Uk is to bring back Krav Maga to the old way. Brutal, simple, fun. We aren’t concerned with techniques; our testing is done on principles. If a student got out of a situation how can you fail them because their left little finger was 36 degrees to the left instead of 37, it’s ludicrous and breeds non-combative robots. And in all fairness mindset will beat technique in a fight all day long. If you don’t have the combative mindset and understanding of violence (which most don’t these days) you are doomed for failure.

We MUST make the changes needed to return Krav Maga to its glory before all is lost and it becomes another watered down mcdojo martial art.

If you are an instructor, you owe it to your students and yourself to change. They are entrusting you with hard earned money and time for you to teach them to protect themselves and their loved ones.

If one technique doesn’t work, you need another


You can be an expert in 1 technique to defeat an attack, the problems come, when that technique fails because of wrong positioning, wrong timing or the scenario you have trained for isn’t identical to the one you find yourself in.

We teach multiple techniques and the correct mindset, so if 1 doesn’t work, for any reason, maybe you’re being attacked by a massive guy and your only 60kg, some techniques wont work, but the more you know, the more you can adapt to the situation and keep going, keep fighting, your brain won’t shut down and you can get into a position you know will give you an opening.

Krav Maga Mansfield Location

Our Mansfield class location is now at DJN UK Business Centre, Rainworth

This school covers the Krav Maga Nottingham area as it is less than 5 minutes from the old location, but is now a fully matted dedicated training area.